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________contents of video___________________
00:00 – Intro
02:29 – NAD Is Required For Life
04:12 – How We Can Consume NMN
06:16 – Clinical Studies NMN Dose Too Low
08:29 – Take NMN Before Flying Or Getting X-RAY
10:17 – Doctor’s Already Have Access To NMN
11:10 – Lie #1 “Sinclair’s NMN Is Special”
12:51 – Lie #2 “NMN Is Not Available To Doctor’s”
13:50 – Lie #3 “NMN Is Not Being Taken Off The Market”
17:14 – Lie #4 “Dr. Sinclair Wants NMN Available To Everyone”
17:58 – Lie #5 “Dr. Sinclair Doesn’t Control Metro Biotech”

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